​​Private Equipment session: 55 minutes                                                          $95 cash, check, AppleCash / $100 PayPal / $100 credit card+4.5% sales tax   Work on a Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer, Exo Chair, Barrel and Tower. Private sessions may include any combination of equipment, mat and prop work depending on the client's interests and needs.​

Private Equipment mini-session: 45 minutes                                                  $85 cash, check, AppleCash / $90 PayPal / $credit card+4.5% sales tax          

Private Equipment half-session: 30 minutes                                                   $55 cash, check, AppleCash / $60 PayPal / $60 credit card+4.5% sales tax     

2 Person / SemiPrivate Tower Sessions: 45 minutes                                     $110 cash, check, AppleCash / $115 PayPal / $115 credit card+4.5% sales tax  

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 Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be an overwhelming    experience. The testing involved to determine what type and stage of cancer can include mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies, genetic  screenings and others. One or more surgeries may be performed on the effected breast and possibly the lymph nodes, as well as reconstructive surgery if needed. Following surgery, one may have adjuvant treatments like chemotherapy and/or radiation, and hormonal therapy. 

 Throughout this process, an individual may have combined emotional,   psychological and physical side-effects. Some of the side-effects may be short-lived and others may be long-lasting. 

 Often times after surgery, one may experience pain and loss of mobility in the affected arm, as well as in the shoulder, chest, back - and depending on the type of reconstructive surgery, one's abdominal muscles could be effected. If any of the lymph nodes have been removed, then there is also the risk of lymphedema which can be prevented through exercise.

 Studies have shown that exercise can not only help one to regain their  range of motion and strength, but exercise also can help relieve  depression and fatigue, improve energy levels and sleep, control weight, and improve one's physics and mental well-being. Although patients are encouraged to exercise, there is often no follow-through on the rehabilitative end of the cancer journey.

 A survivor herself, Jen is a certified Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist  through The Pink Ribbon Program (TM) and is dedicated to working with other survivors. She initiated, volunteered and hosted a Breast Cancer Support Group in the studio from September 2018 through February 2020. Jen can assist in implementing a program of exercise tailored or modified to meet each individual's needs based on their unique cancer diagnosis and treatment. At any time during one's recovery, whether still in treatment, soon after or even years later, an exercise program can be added. No matter what one's fitness level, Pilates and Pilates-based movement can be a life-changer!

Contact Jen directly for questions or to schedule at redhookpilates@gmail.com.

Cancellation policy for Private sessions and Tower sessions is 24 hours in advance or payment is still due however, the cancellation policy does not apply if one is currently in treatment or recovery. A same day cancellation will incur a minimal fee of $25 for those in treatment or recovery.


Private Pilates sessions are currently taught by Jen Nelson. They are individually tailored to suit each client's personal goals. The sessions are a great way to get more out of your workout and/or to focus on specific rehabilitative, pre or post natal exercise. A private session is a perfect introduction to Pilates for beginners, or can add to a more intermediate or advanced client's practice. The studio is completely private with no other classes going on simultaneously, so you get maximum attention and can concentrate on yourself in a professional setting.

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