ERIKA BARTOLINICertified Meditation Instructor and Reiki  Master

     Erika earned her meditation teacher's certification through The Path and The Nalanda Institute, and  her Reiki Master's certification through Maha Rose. Erika utilizes both mindfulness  meditation and Reiki energy to help her clients tap into their own sense of balance. Erika is also a resident of Red Hook.

​​​​​​​​​JEN NELSON, Studio Owner, Certified Pilates Instructor and Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist

       Red Hook Pilates was opened in December 2013 by Jen Nelson, a resident of Red Hook since 1999. Jen's background is in studio art and photography and she has her MFA from New York University. Jen started taking Pilates classes after a hip injury decided to seek a mat certification for her own interest. Much to her surprise, she discovered a love of teaching, of physical fitness and anatomy, and sharing the benefits of Pilates with others. Jen received a second mat and full equipment certification through Indigo Pilates studio in Park Slope. She teaches both the classic and more modern methods of Pilates. Jen has experience working with a wide range of clients, of all ages, from healthy bodies to those needing specific rehabilitative movement. A mother of two, she also teaches pre- and post- natal Pilates. Jen is a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist certified through The Pink RibbonProgram (TM). A survivor herself, she hopes to provide the benefits of Pilates for those with cancer, both during treatment and for rehabilitation after. The studio is a small setting where each client receives personalized attention to reach their goals. She is grateful to the support, encouragement and amazing Pilates instructors who have inspired and guided her: Barbara Elovic from the Dodge YMCA, Spela Sterle and Jenny Boissiere from Indigo Pilates.​​