* Please follow the RSVP time requests above.

  * I am not able to answer emails/texts within the hour before class times while I am preparing to teach.

  * Classes will open 10-15 minutes prior to the start time so you can join early, check your settings, ask questions, etc.

  * If you are late to join, please have your own microphone/audio muted!

  * FOR MAT CLASSES you should have a yoga mat, a thick mat or 2 thin mats doubled to protect your back.

  * FOR THE STRETCH / FOAM ROLLOUT CLASS you will need a 36" foam roller and a Theraband. It would be great to have a FootRubz ball also. Everything  can be purchased on Amazon.

  * Except for the Intro/beginner class, all classes are taught as open-level.

  * If something feels too challenging, leave it out!

414 Van Brunt Street  Brooklyn New York 11231


  LEGAL: By viewing and participating in any class or demonstration provided by or on behalf of Red Hook Pilates, LLC ("the Services"), you acknowledge Pilates is an inherently physical activity, the safely of which may be affected by your physical and medical condition. You represent and warrant that you are of good health and have been cleared by a medical professional to participate in strenuous physical activity. Red Hook Pilates, LLC disclaims all warranties, express or implied in connection with your use or participation in the Services, and you assume all liability in connection with your use and participation in the Services. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless Red Hook Pilates, LLC and its employees, officers and agents from any claims, causes of action or damages you may incur in connection with your use of the Services.

Remote / Live Classes through ZOOM


CLASS SCHEDULE  (all classes are 45 minutes)

COVID-19 Studio Update:

All classes and private/semi-private sessions taking place at the studio have been temporarily cancelled. I will be teaching live classes remotely through ZOOM beginning the week of March 23rd.

Pilates Mat:                                                                          Mondays / Wednesdays / Fridays  9 - 9:45AM                        *RSVP/pay by 10pm day/evening before

Tuesdays / Thursdays  5:30 - 6:15PM                          *RSVP/pay by 4pm day of class

Intro/beginner Pilates Mat:                                     Mondays  10:15 - 11AM                                                     *RSVP/pay by 10pm day/evening before

Stretch & Foam Rollout:  (please see props needed below)       Thursdays 6:30 - 7:15PM                                                  *RSVP/pay by 4pm day of class

1) Download/JoinZOOM (basic accounts are free and you can view classes on your phone, tablet or laptop)

2) RSVP to Jen at redhookpilates@gmail.com for the class or classes you want to join (on a weekly basis).

3) PAY the class fee(s) through PayPal (see link below):

   All classes are $13.06 (that's a $12.50 fee plus 4.5% sales tax).

   Payment is per person, per class. If others in your household participate and you are currently unable to pay the full amount per person, please pay what you can. For any payments that differ from the above rate, you MUST ADD 4.5% sales tax. Please note that I'm keeping the rate as low as possible and that PayPal also takes 2.9%+.30 of each transaction.

    IMPORTANT:In the memo portion of your payment, PLEASE NOTE the DATE(S) of the class(es) your payment is for and which class if there is more than one class on that day.

    TO PAY CLICK HERE:  paypal.me/RedHookPilates

4) Once your payment is received, you will receive an email with INVITE LINK for joining the class. The invite link will be sent after the RSVP deadline (see Class Schedule).